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... Are such selfish creatures... When they themselves can't move on, they refuse to let you move on either..

I guess I should know better though..

Let's see what happened.. It all started when I was doing my 5 weeks stint in Asia just last October.. Remember my passion for getting handmade shoes and I decided to check it out in Seoul!??

Baaaad mistake! I ended up contacting a certain friend's ex.... I mean hey, he was the only one there and I can't speak a word of Korean and I has a couple of factories visits lined up. I had a tour guide, but he was only there for certain days and for certain things and I wasn't going to pay more after the tour agency has already ripped me off with the 'private tour' price.,

But in the end I ended up going to a couple of factories with one guy. The other factory rep (for another site) couldn't make it and the friend's ex didn't end up going as he had to work and he couldn't take time off.. But we ended catching up for the few evenings I was there.

It was good as I'm usually back at the hotel by 5pm daily. Imagine having to wander around by myself and most ppl can't even speak a word of English., ;( so it was nice having someone there..

Unfortunately, he's not over her.. Not at all.. Our conversation revolves around her, how he's missed her blah blah blah.. I tried not to say much, just sitting on the fence and letting him dwell continuously on and about her.. Walking on the street triggered his mrmory of him taking her there when she was there.. ;p but I did keep telling him to please let her be and let her move on.. He said he understood and he himself needs to move on but is unable..

I thought that was the end of it. He was a nice guy to be frank and I think most people liked him and when they broke up she insisted he dropped all her friends from his Facebook page.. But I've talked to him before and met him a few times when he was here in Aus.. I guess the biggest issue with them is.. Location.., She's here, he's from another side of the world.., still a wanderer, and he kept moving from country to country and refused to settle here in Aus or at least give it a go.. None of them wanted to meet up half way. Really tragic Korean drama.

To be honest when I decided to renew our contact, I had 2 minds about it and consulted a few people over it but I guess the end result was my own fault.

But seriously, they have broken up for nearly a year.. Both are still majorly hung up over the other. According to her, he refused to settle down, according to him he needs to breathe because she's quite demanding.

My mistake was I should have told him she's moved on and seriously let her be. All I said was to please let her move on. I did get a pathetic email from him a few months after I came back, about how he's been thinking non stop about her and it's driving him nuts., but I just ignored it and deleted it..

Then recently she received a parcel from him.. Out of the blue.. With no notes in it.. I really should have contacted him then but seriously it's none of my business and I really don't want to get myself involved in others drama.. ;( then the prick rang her up (while I was away in Bris) drunk and he had to mention me! Of course she went ballistic and said I was a backstabbing bitch. It's like I was having a sordid affair with him and all I did was met up with him for a few times while I was there- as a freaking friend

And the end result.. She 'unfriended' me on Facebook. Childish? I think so. After all she's just unfriended a couple of her friends just this year because one went out with her fling, and the other asked her fling out. (same guy whom she couldn't make up her mind if she wants to continue her fling with)

The mind seriously boggles at times.

But I'm so freaking mad at her ex. Total serious prick! He can't move on, so he wouldn't let her move on.

So what do you think?? Do I deserve what I got?? I'm annoyed with her maturity but I understand how she feels ( bad me.. ;( ) but I'm seriously utterly pissed off at him!

Sign.. This feels like HIgh School drama all over again. Makes my own drama with my own man takes a back seat..

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Apr. 30th, 2011 03:31 am (UTC)

Sorry to hear hon! Your gf's reaction sounds really childish though..

Apr. 30th, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
My fault i have to admit.. But à bit drastic on her part.. She's not over him.. But I should know better than kept quiet! But I wasn't lying.. She didn't ask, do I didn't give out any info.. Some mutual friends know I caught up with him when I was there.. Ahh well.. Bad May! *smacks*
Apr. 30th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
*shrug* you were stuck between a rock and a hard place. it was a tricky one!! not your fault, hon!
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